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Kanye West Enjoying Romantic Trip With Irina Shayak

The couple had opposite reactions on the 44th birthday of Kanye West. While the rapper was caught dating the superhot model Irina Shayk in France, his ex-wife Kim Kardashian posted on her Instagram account that she loved him for life.

Two days ago, Kanye West was seen taking a romantic stroll with his rumored girlfriend Irina Shayak in France. According to reports, the couple are enjoying their holiday in a super luxury boutique hotel there.

It was known that Kanye West celebrated his 44th birthday on Tuesday when he was spotted with the gorgeous model. The couple seemed very comfortable when being captured together by paparazis. In fact, the rumours of Kanye West dating Irina Shayak started a month ago but it’s not until early this week that the relationship was confirmed.

Irina Shayak is a supermodel based in Russia. She has a child with famous actor Bradley Cooper before involving in the dating rumours with Kanye West.

Kim’s reaction on Kanye West dating Irina Shayak

On that faithful day Kanye West was seen enjoying his getaway with new girlfriend Irina, his ex-wife Kim Kardashian took to her official Instagram account that:


The caption went with a photo of Kim, West and their three kids as an honor to the marriage. It is apparent that Kim was the one who suffered more from the divorce.

In her family show last week, Kim was also shown in tearful state while lamenting the state of her marriage.

Having said that, a close source revealed that Kim heard about Kanye West’s dating rumours before but she didn’t mind at all. The source affirmed that if it didn’t impact her kids, then Kim didn’t mind who Kanye dated.

Meanwhile, Kanye West haven’t had any reaction to both events.

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