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Marilyn Hucek on Her Training of Pole Dance for “Touch Me” Music Video

“Touch Me” music video coming soon! 6/16/21

Song-writer and singer Marily, has found herself, in the world of pole dancing now. She’s started the pole dance training for her upcoming music video “Touch Me” release due 16th of June, 2021.

For training absolutely 18 weeks for her project “Touch Me”, she’s had ups and downs all transformed and developed her for the project. Well it’s become much more as she said in an Instagram post. Leading her to document every moment she spent, learning how to pole dance.

“Not sure if you knew this but I trained for 18 weeks learning how to Pole Dance for the “Touch Me” music video. That sh**s hard! “I started from square one, and practice a tone!”- She said.

she also says, she learnt; Less clothing is better in pole dance.

“It’s all about your body’s contact with the pole and that grip/friction is really important to hold you in place so you don’t fall and die! Especially when you’re doing no hand inversions! It’s such an adrenaline rush”

Documenting her ups and down, is on her TikTok channel, Feel free to check it out by searching her name if you want a glimpse into Marily’s pole dance transformation and development, her entire pole journey posting a video after every class (good or bad).

Her “Touch Me” music video is due 16th of  June, 2021, and she can’t wait or hold it.

“I truly can’t wait to share…I can barely hold it in.” She said.

Marily Hucek’s sound has been compared to artists like Taylor Swift, Shakira, and Halsey, but she stated,she’s still in the beginning of her career as an artist, therefore she still developing her sound, she told NaludaMagazine

With her released her fourth single, “I’m Not Sorry.” showcasing women empowerment. Marilyn has released three singles that collectively received tens of thousands of streams on Spotify, after her debut single which she dedicated to her dad, who had suffers from Alzheimer’s, and contracted contracted coronavirus in last year 2020.- according to NaludaMagazine.



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