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Ariana Grande Ditches Her Signature Long Ponytail For A New Bob

The “Dangerous Woman” singer debuted the cropped look on her Instagram story on Wednesday as it peeked out from under a throwback bucket hat, earning excited comments from her followers.

Ariana Grande has decided to ditch her signature high ponytail for a long bob for her first summer as a married woman.

My hair” singer ditched her signature long ponytail that’s always swaying from side to side and unveiled her shoulder-length bob peeking out from underneath a fuzzy orange bucket hat in a video posted Wednesday (June 30).

Her photographer Alfredo Flores commented, “there she is!!!” as a way to excitedly ushed in a new hair era for the diva.

The high ponytail has been part of Grande’s look for most of her career, but she explained to Zach Sang in November that her boyfriend — now husband — Dalton Gomez liked her natural, curly hair best.

She explained that she views her natural look as an intimate, private thing and that her ponytail was just a part of her public facade.

“My real hair, which is the humungous, curly, curly poof, is kind of, I don’t know. … So few people get to see it, and it’s cute, and it reminds me of me as a kid and it reminds me of … It’s who I am privately,” she explained.

“But so is this. I wear my ponytail all the time too, but the curls are definitely something that I don’t bring around much. … And my boyfriend loves it. He’s like, ‘Curlies, yay!’ So it’s a very intimate thing. … Hair, for me, is such a guard, character, facade-type thing and it’s had its own evolution, but it has always been this kind of costume piece.”

Grande recently announced that she would be partnering with BetterHelp to give away $2 million worth of therapy.

Ariana Grande Ditches Her Signature Long Ponytail for a New Bob - Opera News

“thrilled to be working with @betterhelp to give away $1,000,000 of free therapy!”

Grande wrote on Instagram announcing the initial giveaway before BetterHelp doubled the amount.

“While acknowledging that therapy should not be for a privileged few but something everyone has access to, and acknowledging that this doesn’t fix that issue in the long run, i really wanted to do this anyway in hopes of inspiring you to dip a toe in, to feel okay asking for help, and to hopefully rid your minds of any sort of self judgement in doing so!”

Ariana Grande Cuts Hair and Debuts Lob for Summer 2021


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