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“You Can’t Hold My Life” Anerlisa Throws Shade At Ex With Cryptic Message

The Keroche heiress has left fans talking after sharing a cryptic message believed to be aimed at her ex-husband Ben Pol

Anerlisa Muigai is mad and if you think she’s staying quiet about it then you’re wrong!

The Keroche heiress has left fans talking after sharing a cryptic message believed to be aimed at her ex where she wrote;

“If you start something, have the guts to finish it too. NKT.”

On the same post Anerlisa went on to add that she is nobody’s baby mama; as she told off the unknown person saying;

“N/B I am nobody’s baby mama so don’t think you can hold my life!!!”

You can't hold my life” Anerlisa throws shade at ex with cryptic message -  Ghafla! Kenya

Ben Pol is that you?

For the past few months Anerlisa Muigai has openly been bashing her ex husband, Ben Pol; and just like that – the newly married couple ended up parting ways barely a year after walking down the aisle.

Since their divorce, things have not been easy between the two; and the worst part is that they openly throw shade at each other on social media without a care in the world.

The last time Ben Pol went on to call out his ex wife in a post where he wrote;

“Some people are so poor. All they have is money”

And to make matters worse, Ben Pol went on to accuse Ommy Dimpoz of getting involved with Anerlisa Muigai; a statement I bet he regrets till date. The young father of one wrote;

“Malengo yako ya mwaka ni kufanya collabo na Fally Ipupa na kumzalisha “A” kizazi unacho?”

And looks like they’re back to it again!



Ben Pol to Ommy

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