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Stonebwoy Finally Posted His Luanch Bromance With Buju Banton & Crew, Where He Introduces Them To Homemade “Eba Made Out Of (Gari)”

Stonebwoy was spotted having launch with Buju and his crew, and guest what they were taking; our very own “Gari” “Eba with and dried fish refered to as locally “Kobi”.

Stonebwoy started his hangout with Jamaican reggae/dancehall pioniere Buju Banton after, his release from the jail cell. Since then, the African dancehall sensational tries to keep up his relationship with Buju, and other Jamaica singer healthy as long as he can.

The well-regarded musician, Buju is early this year hosted Stonebwoy in his home at Kingston-Jamaica.  where they had a good time in a video available to

He’s not only keeping the music relationship alive but also selling Africa and it’s food the rest of the world. Stonebwoy was spotted having launch with Buju and his crew, and guest what they were taking; our very own “Gari” made out of “Eba with and dried fish refered to as locally “Kobi“.

The 31-year-old, “Hero” hitmaker is been seen in the video explaining to Buju what they were actually eating at the luanch on Buju’s birthday. The legdend who turns 48 today, is keeping Africanism and Hombase as he enjoys a Ghanaian food “Eba” made from “Gari” with his crew and Ghanaian dancehall keep Stonebwoy, in Jamaic


“This Eba, which means Gari” says Stonebwoy in the video, whiles Buju replied “Is an honour ya know, Give thanks it’s an African food ya know, Bigups to Stonebwoy, ya don know”.


The dancehall genius Stonebwoy in another video also locally name the fish on the launch table. “dried fish means “Kobi” in his Ghanaian local dialect, and Buju again replying “I wulda never know, Thanks, blessed

Ghanaian artist and reigning king of Afro-dancehall spoke on the trajectory of Afrobeats as well as his upcoming projects. Songs are currently in the works with Sean PaulJah Cure, and Buju Banton as he steps it up to stamp his genre-bending signature on the world.


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1 Comment

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