Stonebwoy Reacts To Veteran Actor Psalm Adjetefio’s Public Plea For Financial Assistance

Ghanaian Dancehall act, Stonebwoy has spoken about one of the trending issues in Ghana regarding Veteran actor, Psalm Adjeteyfio who reached out to the public for financial support..

Adjeteyfio, popularly known, as TT a while ago openly asked the general public to assist him financially as he was going through intense hardship and was at the brink of being thrown out of his rented apartment.

His plead led Vice President Bawumia to donate GHC50,000 cedis to foot his rent bill and also help manage his upkeep.

The Greater Accra Regional Minister, Henry Quartey, also pledged to donate GHC1,500 out of his salary as a minister to him every month till he leaves office.

It is reported that Businessman, Daniel McKorley, has also donated GH¢5,000 to support the actor.

Reacting to the famed actor’s appeal for support, Stonebwoy also took to Twitter to share a few things to the general public.

According to him, creatives in the entertainment industry should equally get a structure like SSNIT for civil workers that will make sure it provides for them financially when they are no more active in the industry.

He shared that the lives of celebrities needs maintenance all the time because of how they’ve been portrayed to the world.

“I believe Royalties for the creative person is supposed to be like SSNIT for a civil servant. Sure Every one spends their incomes differently.

But check this, expenditure of celebs is so many times more than that of a regular person No disrespect. So no matter what there’s always pressure to maintain and sustain. Wise decisions make a sustainable living.. celeb wahala be say as it dey come na so it dey go.. over here it no dey come as it’s supposed to come but na go it just dey Go. It’s a Great Thing to Donate to support People.

(Though some jump on it for clouts). For uncle TT and the likes unfortunate situation. Should someone who has worked his whole life as an actor be feeding off donations or the reward of his hard work?

Does This simply mean That We are all headed to damnation? After working so hard from your youthful age To your adulthood entertaining your county, in your old age you become a charity case? Let’s Fix The Royalty System,“ he wrote in a Twitter post.

Written by Mccall Kwadzo

Mccall Kwadzo is the editor-in-chief for Mccall Been a leading reporter in the music, movie, television and celebss spaces since 2017.


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