Bridget Otoo Cement Shop Ravaged By Armed Men

Bridget Otoo, a Ghanaian journalist, has detailed how armed robbers stormed through her shop and stole her morning sales.

In a Tweet, the newscaster revealed that two armed men on a motorcycle drew a gun on her shop attendant and made off with 500 cedis.

“Two guys on a bike fired two warning shots and pulled the gun on my shop attendant and took the morning’s cash sales of 500 cedis. She’s safe but visibly shaken.

I don’t know what I would have told her parents if something had happened to her. he armed robbers wanted to rob all the shops on that stretch but my girl shouted and that scared them, her scream saved the other shops who ran to save their lives.

Bridget also panic for the life of her shop attendant, says “what if” the worse should happen she has no idea how explanatory she can be to her parents.

Eiii God, what was I going to tell her mum and Dad? I just can’t stop asking myself this question!!”, she Tweeted.

Bridget claims she received a panic call from her shopkeeper, who was traumatized by the situation.

The newscaster reported how her shop attendant’s screams spared the other shops from being stolen in a series of tweets.

Bridget Otoo Tweet 2

Written by Mccall Kwadzo

Mccall Kwadzo is the editor-in-chief for Mccall Been a leading reporter in the music, movie, television and celebss spaces since 2017.


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