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Ikon Still Stands By His Claims That, Kweku Datlington Stool His Song

rapper Ikon is planning no time soon to retract his alleged theft comments against rapper Kweku Darlington.

Ghanaian born rapper Nyako Patterson, popularly known as Ikon, has made claims that, colleague musician Kweku Darlington stole his song.

According to sources, Kweku Darlington also claimed he posted the song on his status, which gave the opportunity Ikon to sample,  which rapper Ikon disagrees with, saying rather Darlington sampled his song.

“I  recorded a 30 seconds WhatsApp  studio session with the song chorus in March which i deleted after a few munites, but i was wong, fans already had their hands on it making it go viral” – Ikon reveals to Celeb blogger Zion Felix on the “Uncut” show

‘I had massive fun comments from the public asking me to release the project after it went viral, me and my team sent the song to blogger kumi kasa for the release, which he also posted on his status”.

According to Ikon, either Kweku Darlington or his manager saw the song on blogger Kumikaa’s status  and asked him not to release the song for a 2x bonus. Where he later called other bloggers to release his artiste Kweku Darlington’s song rather ahead.

“We have explained ourselves soo many times, and i’ve planned not to say much about this issue because, our lawyers are working on it” Ikon stated

On the otherhand the management of rapper Kweku Darlington has also release a statement on October 12th, which stated Ikon should give an unqualified apology to their label artiste Kweku Darlington, with same means and dominance he spread the false allegation within seven calendar days of receiving the statement.

Darlington’s team added, they’ll take  legal actions against Ikon if he fails not to comply with their demands.

Meanwhile, rapper Ikon is planning no time soon to retract his alleged theft comments against rapper Kweku Darlington.

“I will not apologize, becuase i’ve done nothing wrong, and if it should involved legal actions will go to court, because our evidence prove our innocence on the issue” – Ikon told ZionFelix.

Ikon planned to release his next project late October, this year.

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