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#TheJourney: Courtney Hadwin Shy AGT Kid Rocker To Fierce New Look

Her singing accompanied with dance moves was compared to that of the great Janice Jopline, and also Howie stated she’s not from this era.

Courtney Hadwin,as many refers to her from the #AGT as wolf in sheep’s clothing was talented enough to recieve Howie Mandel’s golden buzzer on season (13) of #America’sGotTalent, and she’s now taking a fresh start in music whiles keeping it real with herself, 1970s aesthetic plus going viral on TikTok.

Hadwin was just 13 years old, when she auditioned for America’s Got Talent, which her performance holds the record of the most viewed audition of #AGT season 13. Also for a funfact, Courtney was afinalist on #TheVoiceUkKids a year before #AGT.


Her rendition of Otis Reddings,”Hard to Handle” erupts apluads and standing ovation from #AGT crowd. Her singing accompanied with dance moves was compared to that of the great Janice Jopline, and also Howie stated she’s not from this era.


The singer return to #AGTChampionship performing her original song “Pretty Little Thing”, where she came third on that season setting the tone of kind of artist she will be moving forward.


The former child rockstar now 17 years old, has taken on a fresh new start in the music scene whiles, staying true to her vintage styles.

Courtney announced her comeback in june, posting her first photo on her new Instagram account which granted her over (5K) 500,000 thousand followers on the platform, whiles she continues to share her music career journey with fans.

Her most recent of work on spotify consists of her “Cover Session” EP, covering songs including, “Sign of the Times” (Live Cover)- Harry Styles, “Old Town Road” (Live Cover)- “Sucker” (Live Cover) and “Some You Love” (Live Cover)- Lewis Capaldi.

After Hadwin part ways with Simon Cowel‘s record Label “Sycho Entertainmnt Records” now under a new management, she’s working toward shaping her own path and style whiles she set to drop her forthcoming album.

The singer’s also taken a step at producing songs, a TikTok lesson where she engaged all her fans in a step-by-step tutorial, on how she produce her original track “Playing with Fire”

According to new looks in her recent photos, we might say she’s been experimenting on her style as of late. And it looks like she’s gotten a bit edgier, named her puppy after ock and roll pioneer “Little  Richard” and even dyed her hair a fiery red colour.

We all can’t wait to see what she’s got next up her sleeves for us.

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