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#MUSIGAPREZRACE: Deborah Freeman Liad Down Before Volta MUSIGA Members, Her Initiatives If She Wins Office

Musician Union of Ghana, 2021 presidential aspirant Deborah Freeman has urge all Ghanaian musicians to learn play any musical instrument of their choice, being it a guitar, xylophone, keyboard among others.

She added that, learning to play either of the above instruments helps them rectified their weaknesses in a day to day activities they encounter as musicians. Deborah’s also up to initiating a musical training plan in all 16 regions when she wins power as president of (MUSIGA) Musician Union of Ghana.

Touching on the issue of veteran musicians been financial stranded after aging or will say retired from serving listeners with their music, Deborah stated, all these came about due to week foundation during their youthful ages and lack of proper financial management of these musicians.

“When I become president, during my tenure, poverty of retired and aged musicians will be a thing of the past, – you’ll not hear that a renowned musician is now a popper, now they are on retirement and they cannot even have money to cater for themselves and their hospital bills” she boldly said

Speaking to TOSH TV at the end of year musicians union meeting yesterday in Ho at Center for National Culture, she urge to put up a financial coffers ‘National welfare Fund’ for musicians which will cater for well-being of the members of #MUSIGA eradicating poverty as a whole when they retire or age.

She continued saying – “because the welfare of musicians is dear to my heart, I’ve put systems in place that when i become MUSIGA president these systems will be implemented, because we have the connections already to get it done.”

Deborah is also planning to stage a campaign that will make sure that musicians received fair royalties, by identifying loop holes hindering the proper payment of royalties, because 99% of MUSIGA members are GHAMROs.

“In my manifesto I clearly stated that, when I assume the MUSIGA presidential office, I’ll help musicians realize the gains of unionism”- I’ll implement 98% of everything I’ve stated in my manifesto if I win the MUSIGA presidential election, so that as to musician will find MUSIGA more attractive and will also want to be part of the union wherever they are, because am bringing loads of stuffs, beautiful and great things to the benefit of all.” – she gushed out.

Deborah Freeman will  tag based with all 16 regions MUSIGA offices on her first day at office as president, to find out predicaments they  are facing as MUSIGA officials in their variuous regions.

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