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Ben Rathbun Slammed For These Creepy Texts To Mahogany

There seem to be two sides of Ben Rathbun – the side he shows for camera, and the real Ben.

After Ben was charged with a DUI, fans began to wonder who he really was. Now, these creepy texts have viewers rethinking who he is.

On 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days Season 5, Ben Rathbun hasn’t just creeped out fans.

He also unnerved his would-be fiancee, causing Mahogany Roca to ditch him.

He also unnerved his would-be fiancee, causing Mahogany Roca to ditch him.

The night before she left (and then ghosted) Ben, he had sent her pages upon pages of weird texts.

What exactly did Ben say to Mahogany to make her feel so overwhelmed and repulsed?

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90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days star Ben Rathbun has been controversial since his first appearance on the show. The 52-year-old has been courting a 22-year-old woman he met online, which was enough for many fans to find him sketchy.

News of his DUI certainly isn’t helping.

Viewers did not, overall, get a very good look at what Ben estimated to be “10 pages” of texts that he sent.

We saw enough, however. And even with the high-speed scroll, some viewers picked up on more that he said.

Ben Rathbun texts to Mahogany Roca - god has hardened your heart

“My love for you grows stronger every day,” read a segment translated from Spanish to English.

“But it seems that God has hardened your heart towards me,” he wrote, invoking Old Testament language in an odd way.

“You fear who I am and my intentions. But there is no room in love for that,” Ben declared.

“Therefore this is not love. But know this — I do love you. I always will,” Ben insisted.

As laid out by a Reddit post, Ben had much more to say that the show did not focus upon (or translate).

At one point, Ben told Mahogany: “now I’m eating my food just trying not to cry.”

“I have completely forgiven her and treated her incredibly well,” Ben said of his ex-wife, Lisa.

“Yet for her part she hasn’t forgiven me yet and she still has some feelings about divorce,” he admitted.

“There was no love in marriage,” Ben claimed, “but she had it good so she didn’t want it to end.”

Ben insisted that he took care of his financial responsibilities “including the paying more than was necessary for child support.”

He claimed that he gave his ex the house and “everything in the house” following their divorce.

And, after 24 years of marriage, Ben allegedly paid her half of his salary — so he told Mahogany — for a few years.

“This is my truth before God,” Ben wrote to Mahogany.

“You can choose not to believe me, or to believe me, or to judge and wait,” he generously offered.

“I respect everything you do,” Ben declared, “because you’re an incredibly smart woman with pious wisdom.”

“You don’t need me and you could have anyone,” Ben praised.

“And,” he insisted, “I don’t need you for happiness because God alone gives that.”

As he has proclaimed many times on the show, Ben told her that he felt called to “chase” her because God had put her in his “heart.”

“I like every little thing about you,” Ben told Mahogany.

“So if God is doing this,” he assured her, “nothing will separate us.”

That is odd and arguably pretty creepy. We can understand why Mahogany didn’t reply.

Mahogany is herself a devout Christian, so perhaps she has more overlap with Ben in terms of beliefs and the use of religious language than many viewers.

At the same time … she’s a hardcore Christian and even she was freaked out by his texts.

Ultimately, this led to her not replying, later walking away from him, and finally ghosting him — leaving him to find his own way back from the hotel.

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