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MAFS Groom Cody Dumped Selina After Sundays Dinner Party

Selina added: “I just feel silly because I thought this was love.”

Selina was left devastated after the dinner party.

They entered Sunday’s dinner party hand-in-hand but MAFS groom Cody dumped his bride Selina just hours later, it’s been revealed on tonight’s finale.

Married At First Sight’s Selina Chhaur and Cody Bromley have shocked with the news they split up just hours after Sunday’s dinner party.

The pair revealed the bombshell at tonight’s ceremony reunion, with Selina revealing her ‘husband’ went cold on her after the dinner party reunion before abruptly dumping her.

Cody, 30, initially informed the stunned MAFS experts that they both “decided to call things last night”, before an emotional Selina, 32, pulled him up saying, “Don’t say ‘we’, this is new to me, too.”

Cody said it dawned on him that the pair – who said ‘yes’ at final vows and went on to spend weeks together outside of the experiment – didn’t have a future when Selina was attempting to be affectionate with him in the group setting.

“Last night it got to the point where Selina was grabbing my hands and placing it and to me that felt very forced,” Cody told the stunned MAFS experts. “It was just a realisation and it’s for the best.”

It was he who “made all those moves” to progress their relationship on the outside — devastated Selina, admitted she had fallen in love with Cody.

“I never pressured any of that,” Selina said. “Last night he was a bit more standoffish than usual. After everyone was gone, I grabbed his hand and he flinched and took it away. And he said, ‘I wanna end things’.

She added: “I just feel silly because I thought this  was love”.

Viewers have raced to social media to hit out at the groom for the brutal dumping, as they rallied around a heartbroken Selina.


Meanwhile, Selina has sparked rumours she is now dating fellow groom, Al Perkins, 25.


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