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Crazy Rich Asians 2 First Look Plus Latest News

crazy rich asians | Mccall Kwadzo

The first part of Crazy Rich Asians was a huge success with Henry Golding and Constance Wu as part of the cast!  However, there are some big updates regarding the sequel so am bringing you, what part two of Crazy Rich Asians brings to the table!

It seems like everybody is looking out for the second part of Crazy Rich Asians with high expectations, and whiles fans are excited the cast and producers of the show eloped in a huge controversy that almost threaten to ruin the franchise as a whole.

The first movie managed to steal the spotlight and became an overnight success back in 2018, this was all due to the right reason  since the movie had everything people enjoy; drama, romance, luxury and humor.

Crazy Rich Asians was  based on book of same title, and not only that the book is part of the trilogy, giving fans that expectation that the movie should have at least two more parts. And all signs pointed to positive answer, as the first earned more than 238.5million dollars and soon after the news regarding  the high earnings the movie hit the internet the creators of the movie announced they’ll be working on the sequel based on the second book from the trilogy, “China Rich Girlfriend”.

But wait, just after no one expected that this huge drama will threaten the production of the sequel, the biggest hint that something went wrong with the Crazy Rich Asians 2 when one of the cast in 2019 in an interview Awkwafina, shared that, the cast have not received a script for the sequel adding that casts of the movie has no news regarding the second movie.

Reason for the movie delayed became clear shortly after Awkwafina’s interviews aired, and the controversy about alleged pay discrepancies made headlines, Warner Brothers refuse to pay screen screen writes Peter Chiarelli and Lim Adele the same  amount the second movie.

Peter Chiarelli and Lim Adele |Mccall Kwadzo

The two wrote the script for the first movie and Lim was only offered One Hundred Thousand dollars for the two movies while Chiarelli received offer of an amount of One Million dollars, which the production the movie tried to justify this huge difference in their salary claiming Peter Chiarelli had much more experience than Lim. 

Adele Lim | Mccall Kwadzo

Well was angry about the offer and rightfully so, per the hollywood reporter Chiarelli offered Lim to split his salary with her, but she rejected it and in an interview said — “being valuated that way can’t help but make you that is how they view my contribution, what i make shouldn’t be dependent on the generosity of the white-guy writer.”

The director of the movie, Jon Chu claimed he tried to change offer for Lim but his attempt was unsuccessful, after a strong wave of backlash from fans of the franchise, Chu stood up for Lim online and shared a letter which he claimed…

Chu's Letter ScreenShot | Mccall Kwadzo

After the drama of Lim, the second writer Chiarelli also declined the 1 million offer and left the franchise to focus on other projects and this mess caused the movie postponed.

Golding Henry the male star of the video always keep bugging the director about sequel. ” I always bug the directorer(John Chu) about it and he tells me the same thing every time: They’re trying to figure out the writing, I know they’re working on it, but hopefully sooner than later.”

While Henry Golding admits he does not know much about the latest installments of the book-to-movie franchise, he is more than eager to reunite with cast if it does happen

Well everything is good now, because the production finally has a screenwriter onboard, Amy Wang who’s a Chinese-Australian scriptwriter joined the franchise in March and reportedly the second movie is about to begin the production process.

“I am of course frustrated that we all can’t do the next one together, but i think the conversation this has started is MUCH more important that ourselves (and the movie sequels, frankly),  so who am I to get in the way of that.” Director Chu wrote regarding Peter Chiarelli and Lim Adele replacement by Amy Wang.

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