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When Superstar, Lily Grace Meets Her Name Sake, Fan Lily Grace

Lily also performed ‘Two Of Us Meet’ her latest single at the end of the the interview to the host who happens to bear her name, same as “Lily Grace” and boy, was a beautiful surprise!

Mccall Kwadzo |

Could you ever imagine a fan meeting his or her favourite singer, that happens to share same name as the sar? Well that happens to young singer Lily Grace, when she meet up with a fan girl who loves her and her music so much.

The young girl, Lily-Grace always loves listening to the sweet tunes from singer/songwriter Lily Grace whenever she’s in hospital, at home, or just hanging around.

“With tunes and a voice as sweet as honey, this 16 year old singer is going places!” – Juiced TV

Juiced TV is a TV show made by kids in hospital to create entertainment, empowerment and joy for the kids in the hospital. It’s the first entertainment program in Australia that benefits the health and wellbeing of children and their families in the hospital.

According to Lily, the singer likes amazing blues that make you feel awesome, and wait she’s only sixteen.

She also plays Juiced TV‘s fun game, “Guess that tune” ‘Lily Grace Edition’ to prove she is her number one fan, ‘awwww’ our hearts are melting….

ScreenShot Of Lily Playing “Guess The Song” Lily Grace Edition | Juiced TV YouTube

The fan girl Lily also interviewed Lily Grace on her latest project “Two of Us meet” which is cool because, it came out two months ago. The singer and songwriter has also been touring and granting radio interviews with her debut single ‘Two Of Us Meet’ which was release first in the U.S.

Fan girl Lily Grace is not only a student but also balancing school with her media works, thus working with Juiced TV and channel 10 contracts, etc. Oh boy! and she’s also celebrity in her own zone.   The young host also joked in the interview somewhere along the line that, they both are quite celebrities and thinks she’s the best, and asking fans to to vote the ‘best of the best’.

“we’ve got a little bit of a friendly rivalry going on right now don’t we lily” host, yeah we’re we’re trying to figure out who’s the best or the best” Singer no it’s me so after you watch this segment click you steven email or message to send in  your vote on who is the best” – the host said (Lily Grace on who’s the BEST LILY GRACE?).

They also talked about her balancing school work with her music career, which to her (singer) is pretty funny because she goes to school in the morning, comeback and write songs and she plays show on weekends, yeah! she squeezes a lot in, which is paying because, her song ‘Two of Us Meet’ is topping song sales and radio plays charts in and around the world.

The singer says she has to skip some classes to go for radio interviews, because most of the interview schedules are on class hours.

I’m like i have to go to my interview and they go no, you can’t go, i’m like oh but i have to i’m on the radio, so i have go to the bathroom and i will leave, and it’ll be like a 40-minute interview and I will get back and they will be like oh where were you, and i would be like i just got lost.”

The “Sixteen Wishes” hitmaker added that, the combination of books, places, movies, friends, family and her own life stories inspires her songs. She’s also thought about doing more collaborations with the likes of James Blundell, because it was fun working with him and the process introduced her to the country scene, and guess what? the host Lily Grace was present for the first performance of the collab song. So, you still don’t agree she’s a super fan?

The young country singer also dishes out possibles names she might want to work with, Hunter Hayes, and the host also suggest Taylor Swift to her superstar to work with.

The host, Lily Grace, who we’ve state at the beginning of this article that, she is a big fan,wants to know more about her star’s leisure time breaks, and the respong from the singer might surprise you.

The young country songwriter and singer is a surfer, yeah! although at her early ages of surfing and not quite good at it, but the singer tries surfing and hanging out with her friends and family.

“I try to surf, i’m not good at it i really suck but it’s fun so I try surfing and hanging out with friends and family, that’s about it.”

Lily also performed ‘Two Of Us Meet’ her latest single at the end of the the interview to the host who happens to bear her name, same as “Lily Grace” and boy, was a beautiful surprise!

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