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Finding ‘The New Me’ Defines Jackson Wang’s New Album, “MAGICMAN”

Jackson Wang | The Kelly Clarkson Show

The singer is set to exploring the “new me’ in his upcoming new album “MAGICMAN.”

He says the album is about a journey of finding and exploring the new him, which led to the decision of him dropping everything, whoever he was, and whatever he had before.

You could recall, the former fencer Jackson Wan, had to persuade and convince his parents for seven months, of shitting from the family who’s hundred percent olympians to persuading his interest in doing music which did not sit well with his parents then. He also stated that, his parents were worried about him not returning back home, should he choose to do music.

“Hey , you know what? I always had this dream about music, Let me do my thing.” —WELL HE MADE THIS DECISION WHEN HE WAS PREPPING FOR LONDON OLYMPICS—

“They were really against me, and told me I was out of my mind.”

Even his principal told him “This is the worst decision you’re ever gonna make in your life.”

Jackson Wang also states categorically, his new album ‘MAGICMAN’ represents how raw as possible he’s ever been in his life and having no regrets with music. “The album is called ‘MAGICMAN’, it’s not just about music, the tone, the colour, the attitude, the visuals, everything in one package and that’s who I am right now.” he told Kelly Clarkson.

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(5th April 2022) on twitter, the singer-songwriter shared some of the thoughts that went into his upcoming album MAGICMAN

“I decided to basically leave whoever I was and whatever I had behind and move on to accepting the new form of myself in my artistry. It means so much to me to have everyone here supporting,” he writes. “I might not be the artist that everybody can relate to yet. But I believe, one day, I will make all of u proud.”

The Hong Kong rapper new single, “Blow” which is the intro to the “MAGICMAN” album create a whole different world, which brings all of Jackson’s audience together.

It comes as the first glimpse into the singer’s “MAGIC MAN” persona that is said to fully unfold through the new album.

Watch Video Below:

The upcoming record is slated for release soon…..

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