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Raleigh’s New Single “Lonely Night In LA” Before Mysteriuos Album Drops

This might be one of my favorite songs. I have released, It’s off of my my upcoming concept album called ‘A Tale Of 7 Cities’.” – He said

It’s out… Last song for the country crooner Raleigh Keegan before his much anticipated album ‘A Tale Of 7 Cities‘ drops, actually this latest dingle is off that much talked about album.

‘A Tale Of 7 Cities’ about to shook the entire country and music lovers, as to the single released from can attest to.  First single from the album, New To Nashville” was released back in January 28th which is pretty much doing well on digi-platforms,  @thenashnews named the song among five “on the verge” country releases from independent artists.

“I love honest music, so whatever I’m feeling I just put it in. I just do it,” – and that was exactly what Raleigh did to his newly released single, ‘Lonely Night In LA.’

The “Handyman” hitmaker love of music only grew as he became a talented jazz trombone player ranked first chair in the state, but he decided against pursuing music in school.

“I wanted to play football so the girls would like me,” Keegan said with a laugh. “It was hard work, man. It was hell.” – he said in an interview with Mainstreet Nashville . With his inspiring background story, Rleigh Keegan incolcate that to all his melodies, he write, and this new single ‘lonely night in LA’ off the “A Tale Of 7 Cities’ is no exception.

Off course we all could remmemer his recently interview with Mainstreet Nashville when he told the heartfelf story of how his wife backed him to sell their house to pay for his first ‘EP’ in Nashville.  “We went all in and had to figure out how to pay our bills with just music. I started touring and going nuts on the road. I probably did 150-200 shows for two years until the pandemic.”

If any who have been through a lot to give us an album compiled of his past, present and possible future times, would be no other than the one and only country young legend Raleigh Keegan.

On his soon-to-be released 13-song album, and a couple of released singles, Keegan’s soulful experiences are at the forefront with light instrumentation and classic country virtues, rather than over-production or exaggerated twang.

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The album is set for release on 26th May via Transgressive Records

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