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Rebel Wilson On Being Forced To Reveal Her Girlfriend

The Herald initially denied pressuring Wilson, with its editor Bevan Shields arguing it had “simply asked questions”.

“We would have asked the same questions had Wilson´s new partner been a man,” Shields wrote.

Rebel Wilson speaks on reports over an alleged two-day timeline an Australian outlet gave her to come clean about her newest relationship, before the outlet touch on it.

This was days after, she came out publicly about having a girlfriend. On Thursday Rebel Wilson shared on Instagram a photo of herself in what looks like all happy, smiling ear-to-ear to Ramona Agruma, with caption,

“I thought I was searching for Disney Prince…but maybe what I really needed all this time was a Disney Princess  #loveislove.”

She also told ET, “Is like love is in the air.” But now reports allegedly says it wasn’t Rebel choice revealing her new romantic relationship.

The Sydney Morning Herald published an opinion piece on Saturday, which was taken down by journalist Andrew Hornery, in the article Hornery wrote, they gave  Reebel a two-day deadline comment about her newest relationship, before they plan announcing it themselves.

And of course Rebel Wilson choose not to participate which lead to Hornery writing about in the op-ed, “Big mistake. Wilson opted to gazump the story, posting about her new ´Disney Princess´ on Instagram early Friday morning,” Hornery wrote in his Saturday column.”

Fans and lovers of the actress immediately took to social media to speak out, criticizing the paper for allegedly putting pressure on the star in revealing something that personal.

Among those stepping up for Rebel, is journalist Kate Doak , who tweeted about the situation and also tagging actress.

she tweeted

So apparently it wasn’t @RebelWilson‘s choice to come out… The @smh/@theage have admitted to giving her a heads up 2 days in advance that they were going to “out” her. What’s worse, openly gay men at the Sydney Morning Herald were involved in this.”

Rebel Wilson Saw the post and reply, hinting it wasn’t exactly her choice to go public.

“Replying to@katedoak  @smh and @theage Thanks for your comments, it was a very hard situation but trying to handle it with grace.”

Later on sunday, Sydney Herald Morning editor released a statement which he denied outing Rebel and instead stated they only ask if she wished to comment about her new romance partner.

“We would have asked same questions had Wilson’s new partner been a man. To say that the Herald ‘Outed’ Wilson is wrong.” – the Herald claims.

Reports on Rebel and Ramona love story according to ET, says they are very happy together and “their friends are so supportive of their relationship and thrilled for them.”

And if you know Rebel, you know the funny girl is all about living her best life, and she’s doing just find.

“My best self is like definitely someone who’s living a healthy lifestyle, and which is both like physically and mentally, so am always working to improve things.”

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