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Winona Ryder Is Opening Up On Her Life After Ex Johnny Depp

Winona Ryder is reflecting on her past relationship with Ex-fiance Johnny Depp, accounts on the struggles she faced behind the scenes after spliting from the “Pirates of the Caribbean” star in the early ’90s.

The actress covers Harper’s Bazaar July digital issue, and in her interview with the magazine she talks about the hard time she had, after her engagement ended with actor and musician, Johnny Depp. The two began dating in 1989 and after just five months the lovers got engage. Don’t forget they also co-starred in the 1990 hit Edward Scissorhands,but the pair split in 1993 and Winona tells happer’s bazaar the break-up and the 90s tabloid culture back then was her “girl, interrupted real life.”

This she was referring to a 1999 film she starred in about a young woman in a psychiatric hospital, she recalls her role in the 1993 film’ ‘The House of Spirits”, where took the role of a girl who gets tortured in a chilean prison and describes how she took her therapist advice, tried to imagine being gentle to her younger self.

“I would look at these fake brusises and cuts on my face (from the shoot), and I would struggle to see myself as this little girl. ‘Would yuo be treating this girl like you’re treating yourself?”…

she also added; ” I remember looking at myself and saying, ‘this is what i’m doing to myself inside.’ because I just wasn’t taking care of myself.”

During the actress’s struggles, she had support from her “Age of Innocence” co-star Michelle Pfeiffer who advices her that, she will overcome all her struggles, but she paid no attention to.

” I remember Michelle being like, ‘This is going to pass.’ But I couldn’t hear it.”

Winona’s closed bond with her co-star Michelle is beyond friendship, a relationship she talked about with Entertainment Tonight in the early 90s saying,

“Michelle was like great girlfriend for me to have, I mean we would bead neclacses together and she was really fun to hung out with and we didn’t have a lot of scenes together, but for some reasons we were always around on the same days, and she was great, kind of sisterly to me.”

After her split from ex-fiance Johnny, Winona has been pretty private about her romances over the years, she’s been dating Scott Mackinlay Hahn for more than a decade and she tells Harper’s Bazaar, it’s something she really did try to keep private.

“We have so much in common, we conected on so many levels. But it was amazing that he’s not in this business.”

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