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McBrown Explains Long-Break On Her Night Time Show, ‘UnitedShowbiz’

After 6 months at home, she finally feels healthy hence her decision to resume work

In the space of three hours yesterday on the ‘United Showbiz, McBrown had to deal with a group of entertainment critics, artiste managers, and music promoters who for the first time saw her on the show and to the live viewers and audience at home witnessing her presence in studio for the first time in 2022.

McBrown is looking better, healthier and more at ease on her night time show, ‘United Showbiz.’

McBrown finally returned to host United Showbiz after a long absence. The last time she was seen on the show was in 2021 and for most of her career in this year, 2022, she has been absent from the show.

The night time show host, McBrown’s absence had caused a lot of chatter among fans and talked about all over social media. These viewers are curious about why McBrown never came back to the show in those 6 months that followed her departure.

But now she is back and had a grand and a full arrival package to the show last night, where she already and perfectly hosted her first episode in the year on her popular night time show, “Unitedshowbiz.”

According to Nana Ama McBrown, she experience a pain discomfort in her left arm which prompted for a visit to her doctors again.

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This time she decided to stay home and heal properly before resuming work on the “Unitedshowbiz.”

However, McBrown said that she kept in touch with all of her friends at the Network; United Television.

After 6 months at home, she finally feels healthy hence her decision to resume work.


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