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Flipturn’s Debut Album “Shadowglow” To Be Released In August 19th

The new album will be released on August 19.

Flipturn served music lovers and fans the best news ever they can’t expect: the band’s debuting an all album Shadowglow which is due for released in August 19th, 2022.

The band released several fan-beloved EPs and singles, but is finally gearing up to release the band’s definitive debut album, “Shadowglow” on Aug. 19. Off which the band on 1st of July, releases a single “Whales.”

This fiercely tender track is driven by a comforting bassline that contrasts with the internal turmoil of the lyrics. “Whales” peers into the state of emotional comatose it’s far too easy to slip into when faced with crushing amounts of pressure. Pre-order the Shadowglow vinyl here.

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On top of the band’s headline tour dates, they will be playing at some of this summer’s most iconic festivals including Bonnaroo, Levitate and Lollapalooza, giving fans plenty of opportunity to experience the magnetism of a flipturn live show.

Following their debut album release, the band will be putting on their own curated festival, Playground Music Festival, in Gainesville, FL – one of the cities that was deeply important to their formative years as a band

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Flipturn was formed in 2016 in Ferrnadina Beach, Florida by high school friends Madeline Jarman (bass), Tristan Duncan (lead guitar), and Dillon Basse (vocals/guitar), with the later addition of Mitch Fountain (synth) and Devon VonBalson (drum).

The name Flipturn comes from competitive swimming, which Jarman participated in for most of her young school life.

Flipturn came up in the Gainesville music scene playing for enthusiastic college students, and developed a reputation for infectious onstage chemistry and entrancing vocals from Basse.

Duncan, a member of the band said, it’s a culmination of previous work or a new direction for the band.

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“I know going through this record we had some member changes. Since it was the pandemic, we had a lot of time to sit with everything, but this record definitely is the culmination of everything we wanted to do before. Working with our producer Jon Gilbert in L.A., we wanted to go out there with everything in terms of what we were hearing in our heads.

Overall themes and overarching ideas, there’s the idea of self-actualization and trying to understand oneself. What it means to have self awareness.”

In their previous visits to Savannah, Flipturn played an acoustic set at the Sentient Bean and later a gig at the former Jinx. The venues seem to get bigger each time they return, which is fortunate because their evolving sound needs a big space to spread out.

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