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Alba on Netflix: Is the Show Renewed or Canceled?

Alba (2021) has not been renewed yet. We saw our titular character get her justice and put her offenders behind the bar.

The 2021 series Alba was yet another addition to Netflix’s brilliant books.

An adaptation of the Turkish book titled Fatmagül’ün Suçu Ne?, which translates to ‘What is Fatmagül’s Crime?’, the series stars Elena River and Eric Masip in the main roles, along with others.

The series revolves around Alba and her fight to seek justice for herself after she was drugged and raped, on a horrific night by multiple men.

The story is extremely tragic and bone-chilling. However, by the end, we do see her get the justice she deserves irrespective of all the terrifying obstacles that even threatened to take her life away.

However, even with that hopeful ending, the audience has been wondering if there will be Alba Season 2.

Well, given what happened in the season finale, the verdict for season two can go two ways. Here’s what we know!

Alba (2021) has not been renewed yet. We saw our titular character get her justice and put her offenders behind the bar. She also sorted her difference with her boyfriend, Bruno and is waiting to start a newer, better life.

The show did not end at a cliffhanger to promise a solid season two on its way. Till now, there has been no news or announcement about the renewal.

The streaming platform takes about four to six weeks from the show’s release to decide on renewal and given, how Spanish dramas are loved by the audience and how they have been renewed multiple times in the past, it is only natural that Alba might be up for a second season.

Alba Trailer

You can watch the show, here.

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