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Shatta Wale Still Wants To Be Friends With Ex Michy, “Although We Can’t Be Together.”

Their relationship hit the rock recently, with Michy stating that her years with Shatta Wale was a waste of time.

The Ghanaian musician celebrity power couple, who’s relationship in no time due was declared toxic is still in the news again and this time around for good reasons.

The dancehall act has applauded his ex fiancee in an IG live after she attend and performed at his said rivals Stonebwoy’s annual festival; Ashaiman To The World Festival, saying he was impressed by her bold action to still represent him amidst of their breakup.  she put up a sizzling performance of ‘OK‘, her duet with Nautyca, doing a provocative dance on the rapper.

“Shatta Michy this what I want you to be doing every time, because we can’t be together yes but we can be good friends, we can be doing sh**ts together for majesty.”

Shatta Wale went on to lament, he feels bad on hearing the stuffs people say about him even though he’s done a lot of good things and he’s not a ‘bad person’ as to what people labeled him to be.

“Sometimes when I hear people say a whole lot of things I say no men I’ve done so many goods that you people should know you understand me, everybody thinks am a bad person, am not a bad person I”ve been doing what a responsible person or a father will do.”

The OnGod singer also shared a picture of Michy on stage and jokingly asked for a collaboration. “This is how it should be done.We built this “Symbol of hope.” Thank you Now I can sleep. Infact let’s do another song . This time I won’t pay you in kind but cash Kudos to BHIM nation.”

The couple relationship bloated in the face of fans after (Michy) Diamond Michelle, led out several allegation against his now ex Shatta Wale for domestic violence indicating the latter part of their relationship became unbearable.

In these allegations Michy in an interview told show E-with Becks that she literary had to ran out of ex Shatta Wale’s home with their son. She left without sandals and was not dressed. She was in a bathroom robe and her son Majesty was in underwear alone.

“After the proposal, it got worse, it got unbearable,” she said. “That’s the only word I can use.”

“What you guys don’t know is I literally ran and left my clothes, I did not carry chalewote (slippers). I did not carry one outfit or dress. Not a wig, I was in a bathroom robe, and my son was in boxers.” 

“Nobody knows this. I’m tired of [the relationship] being made to look like everything was good. They don’t know what happened and I just got up and left. No!”

She went on to add that: “for me to run and leave my clothes, it was an unbearable situation. I loved him too much.”

Shatta Michy and Wale had dated for several years which led to the birth of their son Majesty.

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