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Werewolf By Night Director Shatters Moon Knight Crossover Hopes

Werewolf by Night premieres on Disney+ on October 7.

Werewolf by Night director Michael Giacchino has confirmed that there are “no immediate plans” for Oscar Isaac’s Moon Knight to crossover with Gael García Bernal’s Jack Russell.

Werewolf by Night and Moon Knight have a longstanding relationship within the Marvel Comics lore. Because of the connection, many expected Werewolf by Night to appear in Disney+’s Moon Knight earlier this year. The speculation never ended, and it seems fans shouldn’t be hoping for a crossover in the upcoming Marvel movie.

Moon Knight first appeared in werewolf at night In the comics years ago,” said the director in an interview with ET Canada‘s Keshia Chante backstage at the D23 Expo 2022. Bernal was asked point-blank if he would be appearing in future seasons of the Disney+ series Moon Knight.  “That’s what everyone is thinking. Yes, there are no immediate plans for anything like that.”

As Giacchino mentioned, the lycanthrope predates Mark Spector by three years in the source material. In fact, the Moon-drenched Ranger first didn’t appear in Marvel lore until it did werewolf at night #32 in 1975. The two also have similar power-ups as both have shown the ability to draw enhanced powers from the Moon and similar methods.

In addition to the powers, skills, and connective tissue of storytelling, both characters are similar in tonality as well. As seen in the private joke, werewolf at night iDive upside down in the land of horror, the frontier moon knight He also happened to dip his toes in it.

Despite the harassment for the show, which shows Fist Khuncho fighting an anthropomorphic wolf, werewolf at night He was never ready to appear on the series. moon knight Lead writer Jeremy Slater told us earlier this year that the series was unable to use it due to the studio’s commitments to the character.

“There have been no discussions about doing the wolf at night per se, just because they already had some plans for it, and Kevin [Feige] I had an idea of ​​how he wanted to use it, which I’m still not familiar with. I’m just as dark as you are, Slater told in May.

One of the possible scenarios for the crossover would be the character appearing in the second season of moon knight. With the caveat that the show’s second season has yet to be announced by Marvel Studios, a potential second-year outing release likely won’t happen for two or three years, if not longer. This would technically be in line with Giacchino’s “near future” comments, meaning there could theoretically be plans to go beyond the two, not just for a few years.

werewolf at night Disney+ hits October 7th while the entire first season of moon knight It is now streaming on Disney+.


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