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Black Sherif States His Fears In New Song ‘SOJA’ Amidst Skyrocketing Career

Black Sherif lays his fears and strife bare on ‘Soja’ ahead of upcoming album

Ghanaian young lad hip-hop artist Black Sherif has released a new single titled ‘Soja’, ahead of his debut album.

Black Sheriff is a rapper who has taken the Ghanaian rap world by storm in the last few months.  In recent times, there have been increasing cases of comparisons and hate tweets against the young star. Instances where Blacko was said to have achieved this much heights just in his young age and predecessors rappers have a had time achieving those same heights in the industry.

Black Sheriff is acutely aware of these disturbing events, and that’s exactly why he released his second single “SOJA” with a message of peace and unity. The official vizualicer has already received over 1K views on YouTube in just less than a day after its release, indicating how well-liked it has been so far.

The term SOJA is not a mere acronym but rather a statement, been chosen by Black Sheriff as the central theme of his new single. The new song is a follow-up to Black Sheriff’s debut single “Kweku The Traveler“, released back in June.

Blacko feels compelled to act like a man for the people and also worries that a fall in his career might also mean a slump for his young mind.

“I’m too close I can feel it, something is vibrating
“Inside me I’m celebrating…
“But outside them dey kill mee… My own-self dey kill me.”

Even though he is candid and honest about his insecurities and anxieties, the musician still wants to protect himself in the valley of sanity while crossing the obstacles of fame. ‘Soja’ happens to be the fourth track on the upcoming album – The Villain I Never Was – scheduled to drop later this year with Kwaku The Traveller and Second Sermon Rmx positioned at 13 and 14th respectively.

The superstar has experienced a range of highs and lows in the last year,battling legal battles and coping with criticisms about his stage fashion style for performances and his last album, Kweku The Traveller – a No.1 hit that became a nation wide sensation.


The artist is up for the Best International Flow trophy at this year’s BET Awards in the US on 30 September. In December, he will also compete for two gongs at this year’s All Africa Music Awards (AFRIMAs).

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