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River Hooks Shares New Single “Don’t Look Back”

Don’t Look Back, was inspired by English singer, songwriter, and record producer PinkPantheress and the music wave type of a bedroom pop sad girl sounds.

Photo: Courtesy of River Hooks | Instagram

River Hooks, a singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer from New York City, has been on the rise in recent years. After the released of her recent single project in October, 15 2022 with Record label Internet & Weed. River Hooks describes herself as an insomniac who has always felt drawn to the moon and stars.

And this project also account for getting lost in space. According to the singer/songwriter ‘Don’t Look Back,’ “is about escapism, that feeling of getting lost in outer space.” Hooks stated the stars can sometimes be your safe havens which will make you not feel completely lost or look back at your lost self.

“You may find someone who can take your mind far away from reality when you really need a safe havens, sometimes the stars align.” the singer wrote via her record label  Internet and Weed. The new single “Don’t Look Back” gives you a platform of to expressing to not look back from the feeling of getting lost altogether.

As a lifelong experimenter with sound, River Hooks’ compositions frequently draw inspiration from real-life events or people. This particular tune is no exception. Internet and Weed signee clearly said Don’t Look Back, was inspired by English singer, songwriter, and record producer PinkPantheress and the music wave type of a bedroom pop sad girl sounds.

PinkPantheress songs usually have brief runs and incorporate fragments of songs from the 1990s and 2000s. They cover a variety of musical genres, including bedroom pop, drum and bass, alt-pop, and 2-step garage, so you could connect the thoughts of River Hooks Don’t Look Back being inspired by this, and it’s f**ck**ng amazing.

Songs like “Mountains,” which was released back in August 2020 Hooks demonstrates her prowess as a vocalist, instantly identifying the songs’ emotional realities and revealing them to the audience with ease and a perfect understatement that augurs well for the remainder of her debut.

She does not fit the definition of a singer-songwriter in the sense of a coffeehouse troubadour, but she is a member of the illustrious heritage of songwriters who put the song first and is positioned for success in that field.

The young NYC singer/producer is determined to use inspiration to support her songs from now till the future as far as her sound is concerned, so it doesn’t end here.

“I’m hyped to keep exploring in my sound and finding new inspiration as I grow on this journey.”

River Hooks couldn’t be more pleased to work with Sound Of Kalima, an Alternative/Indie artsite/producer, who she claims was understanding to share her vision with in order to keep making music that bends and relates to music lovers’ day-to-day activities. The song was released by Internet Weed with collaborators Producers, The Orchard and Sony Music and Sound Of Kalima, an official collaborator on the sound.

“I’m supaaa thankful for @internet.and.weed @the_orchard_ @sonymusic for releasing this bb into the world for me!! I’m also truly grateful to have @soundofkalima as collaborators who really understand me and my vision!! We make music that’s fun, genre bending, relatable and my mission is to make you FEEL SOMETHING! keep streaming and vibin 💫 i love uuuuu all so much my weirdos 👽 byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.” she wrote on Instagram.

River Hooks is leaving us vague as to if we’ll be looking forward to hearing the unfiltered of her yet to be released new single that she hinted of ‘EVERYTHING YOU DO’. “head over to my spotify page and stream the playlist experience, which also gives some hints for the next single ‘EVERYTHING YOU DO’ out Dec 16 (presave in bio)!!”

Stream Song below:





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